eProjects is University of British Columbia's (UBC) student-run, premier entrepreneurship organization - it aims to connect students with the skills, tools and network needed to flourish in Vancouver’s Startup sphere.



We help students learn from some of Vancouver’s most successful entrepreneurs, allowing you to hear their successes and failures. 


We connect you with like-minded, passionate students to learn about relevant entrepreneurial skills used in the industry today.



We bring your ideas to life by providing you with the tools needed to succeed, all the while giving guidance when needed.


A fast-paced, code-free hackathon where ideas turn dreams into reality. Coming soon to the University of British Columbia.

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Have you ever had a life-changing startup idea but didn't have the technical coding knowledge to execute it? Or have you ever come up with a solution to an every-day problem... but didn't know where or how to start building it?

FEAR NOT! UBC eProjects has got your back and is here to help! Turn your ideas into a reality in a fast-paced, code-free hackathon,  where there is no limit of opportunities to prove that your idea can change the world. 

Keep an eye out for the event release and hit the like button on UBC eProjects to stay notified!