CEOs. CMOs. CFOs. Founders. Investors. Food.


eProjects proudly presents our annual sold-out soirée between Vancouver's top

entrepreneurship talent and UBC's brightest students, CEO Dinner Night!

At eProjects, we like to cut the tacky networking etiquette and jump right into making genuine connections in your comfiest clothing. This is your chance to meet Vancouver's most note worthy start-up leaders, passionate social entrepreneurs, leaders in Vancouver accelerators and incubators, and venture capitalists with immense experience in the start-up field. Have we mentioned that we will have startup CEOs too? Oh, and food. Don't forget the dinner part. 

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Tickets drop October 17th at 11:00am, where we will release our Picatic url link on our Facebook event page:

Mark your calendars. When they're all gone... They're all gone. 

NON-MEMBERS PRICE: $29 (includes membership)


This year's delegates and speakers include:

  • >>> Pavel Rodionov, Co-Founder and CTO at Bench Accounting
  • >>> ALL Ellebox Co-founders: Jessica Bilmer, Taran Ghatrora, and Bunny Ghatrora
  • >>> Keith Ippel, Co-Founder of Spring Aviator
  • >>> Danny Robinson, Co-Founder & CEO at Opskwan Technologies and Perch
  • >>> Routific Co-Founders: Marc Kuo and Suzanne Ma
  • >>> Michelle Sklar, VP Marketing at the WaveFront  accelerator
  • >>> Francis Dos Santos, Co-Founder at Fitz
  • >>> Aliya Amershi, CEO and Founder of AskATechie
  • >>> Hamza Ahmad, CEO and Founder of How to be a Bully
  • >>> Isabella Egan, Co-Founder and CEO of Blankslate
  • >>> David Hobbs, Co-Founder and VP Operations of Two Tall Totems
  • >>> Sagar Malhi, Co-Founder & CTO at SwitchBoard
  • >>> David Miller, President of IdeasFolio Instructor at the Sauder School of Business
  • >>> Hassan Bhatti, Business Lead at Iris Automation
  • >>> Michael Moll, Co-Founder & CEO at My Green Space
  • >>> Annee Ngo, VP at ProtoHack
  • >>> Nikolay Malyarov, Executive Vice President, CCO and General Counsellor at PressReader
  • CEO Dinner Night is a once a year event and it sells out every time. Ya snooze ya loose. 


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