first + foremost, a thank you:

We at eProjects are proud to present our final event for the year.

Over the last couple of months, we've gotten the aerial view of all things entrepreneurial. We were able to bring our ideas into fruition with events like Protohack, make connections that would bring us closer to the industry through events like Startup Crawl, and now, build on our strengths through events like Startup Studio.

back by demand: Startup Studio

Over the course of a day, you will participate in back-to-back workshops that teach tangible skills, attend engaging keynotes that provide insight into the industry, and network with individuals that can connect you to the community. 

Join us on March 25th for the following workshops (peep the deets 👀 at the bottom).

If you're super keen, you can grab tickets here. And of course, hit that RSVP on our FaceBook page.

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workshop 1: RedAcademy
details TBA!

We're still finalizing the details on this one. We only want the best for you! But check out our itinerary in the meanwhile. 
9:00AM - Registration Desk Setup
9:30AM - Registration Opens
10:00AM - Student Panel
11:00AM - Workshop #1
12:00PM - Lunch + Networking
1:00PM - Workshop #2
2:00PM - Workshop #3
3:00PM - Bathroom Break
3:15PM - Closing Keynote
3:45PM - Event End


Nick Chow. Nick's quick wit, nimble disposition and disciplined creativity make him a uniquely qualified Axiom Zen product strategist.

At Axiom Zen, Nick brings structure and focus to business objectives, accelerating projects from conception to reality. A brilliant strategist, he combines the collective strengths of his team to ensure every product reaches its highest potential for success.

Born and raised in Toronto, it was Nick's insatiable curiosity that drove him west to the University of British Columbia, where he majored in political science and economics.

Being a student didn't stop him from taking a walk on the wild side: Nick has sailed up the coast of B.C. to Alaska in a 50-foot boat, mixed drinks in the Hong Kong bar scene and even rolled up his sleeves to help a friend build a hydrogen reactor.

Before coming to Axiom Zen, Nick worked for two Vancouver startups, doing everything from research and grant writing to long-term planning and strategy. He also produced apps with powerful gamification techniques, quickly finding a love for user experience design and the art of building delightful products that people love to use.

workshop 2: Spring Activator
mvp x design thinking

Well, what does design thinking mean? How can I build an MVP with just that? 

Interested in testing a business concept? Unsure what to build as an initial product or service offering? Join Spring in this workshop to learn what makes an effective Minimum Viable Product (MVP), how to design/create one, and what non MVP software could look like.

student panelists


Kevin Jacyna. Kevin is going to reel you in with his experience as both a student and an intern at Microsoft. We aren’t trying to bait you when we say that Kevin is going to be one of our panelists for Startup Studio! There’s nothing fishy going on here, Kevin is very excited to answer all your questions. If you’re lucky, he’ll give you fly-fishing tips!

Armin Rezaiean-Asel. In 5 years at UBC, Armin has made great strides on and off campus. He has played an important role in organizations on campus (AMS, EUS, and Applied Science Student Senator), and utilized that experience to further himself in non-curricular pursuits. Even though he is a student, he’s been able to co-found a startup building wearable pain management devices. He is excited to share his expertise and answer all your questions during the panel session during UBC eProjects Presents: Startup Studio!

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