2017/2018 Events


Startup Crawl 2017

Get ready to meet some of Vancouver’s most innovative, up-and-coming startups teams while touring their office and meeting team members who make a difference in today's industry.

Spend your afternoon exploring the eclectic spaces where the savviest of ideas are born and rooftop beer gardens go hand-in-hand with casual Fridays.

We want you to live and breathe startup culture for a day and learn from the talents who make the difference at their companies, find out if Startup culture is the right fit for your future career!

CEO Dinner Night 2017

eProjects proudly presents our annual sold-out soirée between Vancouver's top entrepreneurship talent and UBC's brightest students, CEO Dinner Night!

CEO Dinner Night is a casual event where we bring together 35 CEOs, as well as CMOs, CFOs, Founders and so on, to dine with 35 students at a 1:1 ratio. Students will get a chance to chat in a very personal environment, be it their entrepreneurial dreams or a CEO’s start-up journey, enabling the chance to form deep connections that will hopefully kick-start your own.

This is your chance to meet Vancouver's most note worthy start-up leaders and passionate social entrepreneurs over beer and tapas. Again, this event sells out every year, and tickets are first-come, first-serve.

CEO_dn square.png


Litehacks 2018

Take everything you know about a traditional hackathon and throw it out the window. Welcome to a reality where anyone can be a change maker, entrepreneurial superstar and innovative thinker, no matter your experience or faculty. 

LiteHacks is a full day of fast-paced challenges and activities, fueled by your passion and forward thinking. No coding experience required!